About Troncellito Law

Troncellito Law is the culmination of 17 years of legal experience with fortune 100 corporations, large law firms, professional athletes, and my own litigation law firm for several years. This vast and varied experience translates into results for clients; by first bringing clients and opponents together and then doing everything it takes to obtain a verdict for clients who go to trial.

With over 13 years of experience as a litigation attorney and more than 10 years of document drafting experience, Troncellito Law provides you the best of both worlds. If your situation requires additional or alternate help, Troncellito Law will refer you to a professional from the law firm’s Platinum Level Service Club; a group of professionals dedicated to the highest levels of professional performance and client service.

Troncellito Law offers legal consulting and litigation services in both corporate and personal matters. Whether you have a dispute with a neighbor or business partner, or are embroiled in a battle with an insurance company or other mega-corporation, Troncellito Law is YOUR answer.

To set up an appointment to discuss your legal situation, call 602-374-2154. Come and experience the difference of Troncellito Law.

Mission: It is the mission of Troncellito Law to provide the highest quality litigation and consultation services, achieve the results desired by clients, and remain sensitive to cost for each and every client, while positively impacting the lives of those affected by cases in which Troncellito Law participates.

Motto: Troncellito Law is YOUR answer.